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Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (2009-2010)

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (2009 -2010)

The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) requested maps to show where CAMH services and other agencies are located in the North West and North East Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs). These services included main agency offices and satellite offices for mental health associations, addiction agencies and problem gambling agencies, hospitals (schedule 1 and non-schedule 1), Community Health Centres Community Care Access Centres, Aboriginal Health Access Centres, and Native Friendship Centres. These maps provide CAMH with a geographic perspective of where services are located across the region. In addition to the hard copy maps, an interactive map was created allowing the CAHM to overlay a variety of agency locations and associated information to assist with planning and decision making.

Additional maps have also been created for CAMH showing Aboriginal Mental Health service locations and NNADAP workers, and services on Manitoulin Island.

After hearing about the maps produced for CAMH in Northern Ontario, CAMH in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) requested a few interactive maps to help them in their program planning. The interactive maps created for CAMH GTA included client locations by program, client demographics (age, citizenship and housing) by LHIN, CAMH sites and their corresponding services/programs offered, as well as GTA strategies and LHIN Ministry Priorities and Partnerships. These maps allow CAMH to visualize and relate a wealth of information about their clients, programs, services, partnerships, priorities and strategies on the same map. The interactive map is also useful in a presentation setting and can be used to create hard copy maps for reports and planning.

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