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Christmas Cheer (2007-2010)

2007 - 2010

Client: Christmas Cheer

Christmas Cheer was interested in how GIS could benefit their organization. Since Christmas Cheer only had one zone map depicting the boundaries and depots, a new one was created digitally so there would be no worry about losing their only existing document. New Christmas Cheer zones were based on depot capacity by area through evaluating five years of Christmas Cheer applicants (2002 – 2006) to ensure that each zone held one depot and a maximum of 50 applicants. Exemptions were also noted where specific capacities were enforced. Maps were generated illustrating the new zones with shorter traveling distances and equalized capacity management.

The initial distribution of depots, resources, and zones are to be re-evaluated as a result of Christmas Cheer's usage the previous year analysis. Any further changes will be based on the previous year Christmas Cheer applicants, as well as depot closures as these are key factors affecting the results. In the event additional depot locations are required, churches or halls can be easily identified through the GIS and presented to Christmas Cheer for further follow-up. It is anticipated the analysis will occur on an annual basis to stay current with the needs of Christmas Cheer.

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