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City of Sault Ste. Marie (2004 - Present)


Several health and public works data sets are utilized to set priorities for future sidewalk curb cuts and sanding. Data sets include demographics, parabus client drop off and pickup locations (by postal code), pharmacies, doctor’s offices and other locations where elderly and handicapped persons access regularly.

Audible Pedestrian Project (2008)

The City of SSM has a minimal annual budget to install new Audible Pedestrian Signals (APSs) allowing the visually impaired to cross an intersection safely. The City plans to install 6 new APSs on an annual basis until every intersection has an APS. The goal of the study was to prioritize the implementation of the APSs at an intersection level. The CGC conducted research regarding previous studies to determine common variables that should be applied to the SSM study. Analysis of every intersection was broken down into two broad categories, Usage and Safety, which were each represented by numerous variables. The Usage category was comprised of CNIB client locations (by postal code), service locations and bus stops while the Safety category included pedestrian collisions, street usage, street speed, crossing width and the presence of a median. The methodology and results were supplied to the City for their review and the development of an implementation plan.

Access To Specialists (2008)

The Mayor was interested in identifying the level of access to health care specialists within 2, 4, and 6 hour driving distances of specific communities. The communities analyzed included Cornwall, Kenora, North Bay, Peterborough, Sarnia, Sault Ste. Marie, Sudbury, Thunder Bay, Timmins and Windsor. The purpose of this project was to show clearly that individuals in Northern Communities have less access to health care specialists on a per capita basis than Southern Ontario locations.

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