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Huron-Superior Catholic District Schoolboard (2007 - Present)


The Huron Superior Catholic District School Board (HSCDSB) administers the Catholic School system for the Algoma District and additional bounding areas. There are 22 elementary schools and 3 secondary schools within the system in Sault Ste. Marie, Wawa, White River, Elliot Lake, Espanola, Blind River and Chapleau. Enrolment is between 6,000 and 7,000 students.

Enrollment Projection Project (2007 – Present)

HSCDSB approached the Community Geomatics Centre looking for a solution for their existing enrolment projections. HSCDSB calculates enrolment projections based on current enrolments, enrolment patterns and birth rates. This data is not neighborhood specific and has not proved sufficient to produce accurate enrolment projections. The current projections have been flat lined for the next several years at zero decline or growth. HSCDSB is currently considering long range capital plans that consider school closures and new super schools. Enrolment projections are critical in consideration of these plans.

The CGC implemented a combination of analysis and GIS methods to make the best use of the available data for the HSCDSB programming area. The district schools were projected using a cohort survival ratio while the city schools were projected with a modified regression technique. This was accomplished by incorporating census data at the neighborhood level and considering variables such as general fertility rates, number of fertile females, birth density, new residential building developments, distribution of students, and migration. This method has resulted in a potentially more accurate projection for each individual institution.

Violence in the Workplace Staff Survey (2009)

HSCDSB conducted separate surveys of staff and Principals to assess the level of violence in the workplace for HSCDSB locations. Direct analysis of the questions was conducted and a report was produced showing the results. The surveys were completed manually and the respondents had the option of remaining anonymous

High School Demographic Project (2008)

The principal at St. Mary’s College Catholic Secondary School requested a geo-demographic analysis of the students attending St. Mary’s and St. Basil Secondary Schools. The project was broken down into three categories of information: density and distribution of students, density and distribution of birth information, and socio-economic status of the student population by census dissemination area. The purpose of the analysis was to enable faculty at the HSCDSB secondary schools to better understand the needs of their students who attend these institutions and to aid in program planning for the future.

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