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Infonaut Inc. (2007 - Present)

Tuberculosis Surveillance Project (2009)

The Community Geomatics Centre (CGC) completed a project for Infonaut Inc. to determine whether there are existing spatial statistics GIS tools or methods that would be beneficial to a Tuberculosis Surveillance System. Tools researched included the ESRI Spatial Statistics Toolset, Spatial Scan Statistical Methods and Aberration Detections with the use of the Early Aberration Reporting System (EARS). During the project it was determined that basic epidemiological equations would likely be more useful to Public Health employees. GIS models were created to calculate Incidence Rates, Point Prevalence and Period Prevalence and adapted to work within ESRI’s ArcGIS Server. It is also anticipated that this work will be utilized for illustrating other ailments, such as influenza.

Optical Retailer Project (2007)

The CGC completed a project for Infonaut Inc. to determine which postal codes were within 1km, 5km, and 10km from given optical retailer locations. This would help this business determine where the next store could be located but not infringe on an area already inundated with service.

The CGC also completed a Postal Code to Dissemination Area (DA) conversion model where every postal code within a Province of Canada can be associated with a DA. This allows for data amalgamation and comparison against Statistics Canada’s Census data.

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