Friday, November 24, 2017
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GIS Upgrade – SDHU


Client: Sudbury District Health Unit

The Sudbury District Health Unit (SDHU) had previously contracted another company to create an internal only GIS web portal that would enable the various people at SDHU to visualize the data they were collecting and receiving for a variety of different items that fall directly under their purview. The existing system had many manual and complicated steps in amalgamating the various datasets from existing databases, excel spreadsheets and external data that did not allow for easy modification and was prone to lots of problems if one step of the process was missed or broken. There was also a lot of duplication of data spread throughout the databases and excel spreadsheets, which was inefficient.  SSMIC then updated all the existing code to a more common programming language that would be easier for SDHU to find programmers to later modify it easily. The goal of the project was to automate the processes and give the SDHU staff an easier way to enter or load the data once without having multiple copies of the data. SSMIC also gave SDHU the ability to search in a easier fashion for the related records and data they needed and allowed them to export the data into a format that would enable them to share and analyze the data more efficiently.

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