Wednesday, April 26, 2017
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For general information or for assistance reaching the right department, please email info@ssmic.com, or call (705) 942-7927. Department contacts listed below with phone extensions.

Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre (SSMIC)

Don MacLennan Acting Executive Director & Finance and Administration Manager; ext. 3131
Gerry Bugyra Business Development Manager; ext. 3129
Angela Corcoran Marketing & Communications Manager; ext. 3138
Corrina Hodgkinson Finance Assistant
Dalton MacFarlane Business Analyst; ext. 3142
Angelo Pacione ICT Sector Lead; ext. 3148
Angie Wagner Administrative Assistant; ext. 3133
Danielle Amadio Marketing & Communications Assistant (Intern)

Rural Agri-Innovation Network (RAIN)

David Thompson RAIN Research Project Coordinator; ext. 3027
Jessica Laidley RAIN CAFFE Program Coordinator
Christine O'Reilly RAIN Research Technician 
Mikala Parr RAIN Agriculture Research Intern
Melissa Watson RAIN Infrastructure Development Coordinator

Community Geomatics Centre (CGC)

SSMIC's team of GIS professionals provide services on our GIS-related projects. This team has extensive experience in GIS and their professional expertise and strong work ethic are the reasons we can take great pride in our GIS technical offering.

Paul Beach GISP - GIS Program Manager; ext. 3030
Gerry Belanger GISP - Manager of IT; ext. 3033
Marie Alexander           GISP - Senior Software Engineer/Developer
Gordon Cook Network Administrator
Matthew Doherty Junior Programmer
Travis Favretto GISP - GIS Technician/Analyst
Jason Greco Systems Administrator
Kristen Hoffman GISP - GIS Technician/Analyst
Jonathon Krotkiewicz Junior Programmer
Jackie Lajoie Triple P Coordinator
Craig Martin GISP - Municipal and Utilities GIS Manager
Devin Major Junior Programmer
Danika Montgomery GIS Technician/Analyst
Miranda Moffatt Vulnerable Persons Registry Coordinator
Erik Sanderson Junior System Programmer
Chuck Shannon GISP - Systems/Data Analyst
Erika Shewan Junior Programmer
Matthew Willcock Junior Systems Architect
Yi Luo Junior Programmer
Steve Zuppa GISP - Health and Human Services Manager

Lottery and Gaming Division

Leo Tiberi Executive Lead, Lottery & Gaming; ext. 3144
Natasha Colak-Florio Talent Development Officer, Lottery & Gaming, ext.3140
Kevin Hemsworth Director, Marketing & Communications, Lottery & Gaming; ext. 3159
Ian Plumley VP Market Innovations, Lottery & Gaming; ext. 3060
Jennifer Rushton VP, Business Development, Lottery & Gaming; ext. 3158
Mike Szczepaniak Business Development Manager, Lottery & Gaming; ext. 3141

Smart Energy Division

Kieran O'Neill Smart Energy Business Strategist; ext. 3049

YouLaunch - Youth Division

Heather Lewis Entrepreneurship Coordinator; ext. 3177
Patti McGonigal Youth Outreach Officer; ext. 3174
Taylor Trecoce Youth Enterpreneurship Coordinator; ext. 3178




Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre