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Business Advisory Services

Advisory Services 

The Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre provides direct support services to the SME community in the Algoma District. In addition to working with entrepreneurs on the IT elements of their business plans, the SSMIC provides assistance with opportunity identification and proposal coordination and development. 

Project facilitation includes project coordination and management services on behalf of project groups and partners. This service extends opportunity awareness and development services as well as proposal development assistance. Research and development extension services are provided by the SSMIC as a link between the research community and private sector. The SSMIC facilitates increased activity in this area by establishing processes to increase private sector awareness of research potential and facilitating links between private sector partners and the research community. 

The SSMIC works closely with its community partners in the economic development and support for small business field.

Market Information

SSMIC can help SMEs access market intelligence reports from the top marketing research firms in North America to support the growth of their science or technology business.

MaRS Market Intelligence gives Ontario entrepreneurs access to premium market research resources and services at no cost—all provided by information specialists with expertise in IT, software, telecom, pharmaceuticals and health care, biotech and cleantech.


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