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2019 SSMARt Awards - Register to attend HERE 

Agenda and Menu: 

2019 SSMARt Awards Program

Wednesday, February 12, 2020  5:30 PM

Algoma’s Water Tower Inn

5:30       Registration

6:00       Opening Remarks

6:30       Dinner Served

8:00       Awards Ceremony

  • Innovation in Marketing
  • Innovation Project of the Year
  • Innovation Youth of the Year
  • Innovation Educator of the Year
  • Woman in Leadership
  • Innovation Startup of the Year
  • Innovation Company of the Year

8:30PM-9:00PM                - Prize Draw and Closing Remarks


Spinach Salad

Cheese ravioli with sundried tomato cream, parmesan, basil pesto

Tarragon Pan Seared Chicken

Strawberry shortcake


Please click on the categories below to nominate somebody today: 

Innovative Company of the Year 

Innovative Youth of the Year 

Innovation Educator of the Year 

Innovation Project of the Year 

Innovation Start Up of the Year 

Women in Leadership Award 

Innovation in Marketing Award (NEW) 

The SSMARt Innovation Awards honour companies and influential individuals for their innovative contributions to the science &Innovative technology, and agricultural sectors in the Algoma District. The Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre wants to recognize the outstanding businesses and individuals making a positive economic, cultural, environmental, or social impact in the community. 

Innovation Awards apply to:

Businesses, individuals, organizations, or groups that have demonstrated innovation, leadership and/or business excellence in the science and technology and agricultural sectors. Groups that showcased out of the box thinking, creativity, a new method, idea or product, etc., can be considered for a SSMARt Award. Any of the above-mentioned groups that have also created or adapted the application of better solutions that meet new requirements, unarticulated needs or existing market needs can be nominated.

Award Descriptions


The 7 Award Categories:

1. Innovative Company of the Year


This award acknowledges a company’s leadership through the innovation of its science and/or technology products, services or research, the sustained growth of its assets and its dedication to community involvement. Science and/or technology and/or agriculture should be the primary focus of this emerging or expanding company.

2. Innovative Youth of the Year


This award acknowledges an individual or group of individuals ages 13 to 29, who have made a substantial contribution to the science and/or technology, environmental, and/or agriculture sector through education, volunteering or passion. Contributions may be through outstanding academic achievement; leadership in the area of science and/or technology and/or agriculture; community involvement, and entrepreneurship. It may also include the commercialization of new technology; development of innovative processes and products and/or diversity of research.


3. Steve Butland Innovation Educator of the Year


This award acknowledges a teacher or professor, who has made a substantial contribution to the science and/or technology sector through education, volunteering, coaching, or other leadership roles working with children. Contributions may be through use of innovative teaching methods in the classroom (i.e. engaging students with digital and advanced web methods such as podcasts, blogs, social media etc.); leadership in the area of science and/or technology, community involvement, leadership, entrepreneurship and volunteerism.


4. Innovation Project of the Year 



This award acknowledges an organization or business whose science and/or technology and/or agriculture project demonstrates leadership, innovation and/or creative use of science and/or technology. This award is designed for organizations or businesses that are not necessarily science and/or technology companies, but are using technology and/or science as an enabler to better serve their operation and/or clients.

An ideal project would include benefits such as the advancement of the organization or business, improvement of client/customer services and positive impact on the science and/or technology and/or agriculture community or the community at large. The project must have demonstrated tangible success/return to the organization or business. Pilot projects are acceptable nominations.

5. Innovation Startup of the Year


This award acknowledges a Start-up company’s leadership through the innovation and development of science and/or technology and/or agriculture products, services or research; its dedication to community involvement; and potential for growth and positive impact on the community. The company must be in the 'idea' or 'discovery' stage, generate a revenue lower than $100,000, developed an innovation in the Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (STEM) or Agriculture sector, benefited the community with its product/service, and be located in the Algoma region. 

6. Woman in Leadership Award 


This is awarded to a woman whose leadership and innovative ideas have significantly contributed to their organization’s success. She inspires professional growth of those she works with or leads and encourages others to achieve more.  She is a positive role model for men and women to follow.

7. Innovation in Marketing 

This award acknowledges the individuals, groups or businesses that create marketing strategies, tactics, and/or campaigns that use innovative methods and original concepts to showcase a product or service, or create awareness. The Innovation in Marketing award recognizes that reaching your audience is an important step in business growth and success, and celebrates those who work to bring awareness using marketing and communications tools in an inventive way.